For Pride, I will be bringing the Water Dragon Publishing table to the Mill District Queer Artisan Market on June 23, 2024. [Update: I’ve been declined a space at the market. I’m so disappointed.] I plan to bring a rich selection of the LGBTQIA+ offerings that Water Dragon offers — featuring my own works, of course. But Water Dragon has a lot of works both about queer protagonists and by queer authors. And so many of them, I now know personally: J. Scott Coatsworth, Daniel Fliederbaum, Jay Hartlove, LA Jacob, Vanessa MacLaren-Wray, Andrea Monticue, and Ryan Southwick. Dear friends all.

I think the very time I ever sold books was at the first Queer Pop-up Market in 2022. I didn’t yet have a real table or a canopy or signage or anything. But when I look at how far I’ve come with doing the work, it’s nostalgic to look back and remember how new and exciting it all was. I did pretty well in terms of sales too: I sold perhaps a dozen copies — not bad at all for a new author with only the first two books of a series. It was my first taste of meeting readers and signing copies of my books.

A lot didn’t go perfectly well either. I didn’t have weights for the borrowed canopy, which nearly blew away. I also hadn’t learned to put velcro on the back of my book covers on my easels and they kept blowing off too. We didn’t yet have a Square chip reader, so I was trying to use the magnetic strip reader, which was fiddly and just didn’t work very well. But overall it was a gentle way to have a great learning experience.

At the time, I only had the first two novelettes of Revin’s Heart out, The Third Time’s the Charm and For the Favor of a Lady. Storm Clouds Gather was about to be released. I printed out business cards to hand out with the QR code for the landing page on the back.

It’s possible that some people who bought the first two, all that time ago, will remember and pick up the rest of the series. There were a fair number of people who did that at both Arisia and Boskone this year. One person said, “Oh, thank GOD you’re here!” which totally made my day. There’s almost nothing better than having people come specifically to look for you in the bookstore.

The Queer Pop-up Market was canceled in 2023, so I didn’t get to do it last year. But I’m glad they’re doing it again this year. I had a great time doing it the first time and I’m really looking forward to being back at the Mill District again.

After that, the next event I’m scheduled to do is Readercon July 11-14, 2024. Although they rejected me as a participant, I’m still going to attend to staff tables for Water Dragon Publishing and Small Publishing in a Big Universe Marketplace. I’ve heard that this is a particularly good event for selling books, so I’m hopeful we’ll do well there.

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