It’s Complicated (aka The Mary Stories) is a serialized rural fantasy available through Kindle Vella about an older man who moves back to his childhood home and meets the “imaginary friend” he had as a child who, it turns out, is not so imaginary. And he discovers that there’s something special about his land and that someone — or something — is willing to kill for it.

She was dressed the same as the night before, with an old-fashioned ruffled blouse & skirt, a red cape, white stockings, & patent-leather shoes with gold buckles. Her hood was up today, wet with rain, covering her pretty curls. “He said he had fun with Mary. Are you Mary?” I asked. She cocked her head over on one side, then smiled. “You not ‘member. You call me Mary.” “W-What are you?” I asked. She raised her hands up next to her face & spread out her fingers. “I scary monster,” she said.

From To What Do I Owe, Episode One of It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated begins April 7 via Kindle Vella with weekly episodes through June 10. It’s first story presented via Vella. If it attracts a following, I could potentially write more episodes during the summer: there’s a lot more story to tell.

I plan to read two passages at Flights of Foundry (at 7pm EDT on April 14). And, of course, I’ll be reading a lot of other stuff as well. Come join the fun!

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